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Roaming Naturopath is a cash-based clinic. ​The cost for each visit will include:

  • Hourly Visit Fee*

    • Visits are currently reduced to $200 per hour, because of the economic issues CoVID-19 has caused so many people. The fee is the same, whether it's in-office, through telemedicine, or in the patient's home/office.

      • ​New patient visits average 60-90 minutes

      • Follow-up and acute visits are typically 30-45 minutes


  • ​Mileage Rate for House Calls:

    • Applicable to patients living greater than 10 miles from our office in Santa Cruz, CA.

    • Travel fee is $0.50/mile from our clinic address, minus 10 miles.

  • Cost of any treatments given or disposable supplies used in office/in the patient's home- amounts vary.

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