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Nutrition, Substance Abuse, & the Heart

In general, the research shows improving overall nutritional status will help reduce cravings & relapse. I include specifics of my own recommendations in many other nutrition-related posts. The short list of nutrients below can help certain Substance Use Disorders & help prevent &/or treat certain Heart diseases. I have not included doses. These health problems are complex, individual, & many patients are on medications, which can have interactions. This kind of targeted supplementation needs to be done by a health professional. Your local #naturopathicdoctor is well-qualified to do this. This isn’t a full list & is only intended as a resource for you to take to your healthcare practitioner: Vitamin C 💘Atherosclerosis (Build-up of hardened fat in an artery) 💘Ischemic heart disease (loss of blood to heart muscle causing death of muscle cells, often leads to heart attack) 💘Hypertension (constant high blood pressure) 💘Thrombophlebitis (Painful inflammation of a blood vessel) ☣Opioid addiction

Niacin (B3) 💘Atherosclerosis 💘Ischemic heart disease 💘High triglycerides ☣Alcohol use disorder ☣Opioid addiction Folic acid (B9) 💘Congenital heart defects (occur during fetal development) 💘Congestive Heart Failure (pumping problems caused when fluid builds up around the heart) 💘Stroke (blood clot lodged in a brain vessel stopping blood flow (ischemic), or caused the vessel in the brain to burst (hemorrhagic)) 💘Coronary heart disease (atherosclerosis) 💘Pre-eclampsia (pregnancy complication of high blood pressure & signs of damage to another organ) ☣Alcohol use disorder Cyanocobalamin (B12, in SUD’s I prefer methyl-B12) 💘Atherosclerosis 💘Hyperhomocysteinemia (High homocysteine; contributing factor to many heart/vessel problems) 💘CHF 💘Congenital heart defects ☣Alcohol use disorder Magnesium 💘OMG, so many heart benefits ☣Opioid addiction ☣Cocaine addiction (but, give w potassium)

Fermented foods & Probiotics 💘Hypertension ☣Opioid addiction ☣Alcohol use disorder

Omega-3 fatty acids 💘Again, so many heart benefits ☣Opioid addiction ☣Alcohol use disorder

Thiamine (B1) 💘Heart Failure ☣Alcohol use disorder

n-Acetyl-Cysteine 💘Ischemic heart disease 💘Post-MI recovery 💘Particulate matter induced heart damage (like from wildfires or other air pollution) ☣Cannabis addiction ☣Gambling addiction ☣Methamphetamine addiction ☣Tobacco addiction I hope this gives you & your doc a good starting point. Remember, nutrition is just one aspect in recovering from an SUD &/or a heart/vessel condition. References

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