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The following are guidelines I consider when I formulate patient treatment plans.

The Therapeutic Order

  1. Identify and remove cause(s) for disease or obstacles to cure.

  2. Establish a health promoting regimen for patient to follow.

  3. Support and nourish weakened or damaged organs or system.

  4. Stimulate innate self healing mechanisms   

(Adapted by Dr. Deborah Frances, N.D. from the work of Dr. Jared Zeff N.D.)

Traditional Naturopathic Model for Understanding Health

  1. The universe is ordered and intelligent, therefore healing follows a process which is ordered and predictable, according to observable laws of nature.

  2. Health is a dynamic and natural state of being.

  3. Health is not necessarily equated with the absence of symptoms.

  4. Ill health is an adaptive response to a disturbance within the organism.

  5. Removal of disturbing factors is essential to create a basis for a return to health.

  6. Intervention utilizes the least possible force to encourage and/or stimulate inherent mechanisms of healing.    

(The above outline has been adapted by Dr. Deborah Frances, N.D.from work first put together by Dr. Jared Zeff ND)

Determinants to Health/Factors that Contribute to Health or Disease

  1. Inborn: Genetics, constitution, maternal health during pregnancy.

  2. Health History: Pathological biography, medical interventions or lack thereof, physical, emotional stressors and traumas, toxic exposures.

  3. Hygiene/Lifestyle Habits: Nutrition, Digestive function, exercise habits, breath, fresh air, sunshine, natural light exposure, sleep, rest, recreation, water, love, support, family, self esteem.

  4. Cultural and/or religious-spiritual influences and beliefs.

  5. Economic circumstances.

  6. Structural Integrity.

           (Adapted by Dr. Deborah Frances, N.D. from Dr. Louise Edwards, N.D.)

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